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Baker's Croft receives a Built for Life award

Baker's Croft receives a Built for Life award

The development was one of the winners announced by Nick Boles, the Government's Planning Minister at a national housing event at Nottingham Trent University.

The event, which focussed on the design of homes and developments, was attended by house builders, industry professionals, MPs and students.

Davidsons also picked up an award for their Millbrook development in Melbourne.

Built for Life is a government-endorsed standard for well designed homes and neighbourhoods and is awarded to new housing developments that have been judged to be attractive, functional and sustainable places.

It reflects the Government's commitment to build more homes, better homes and involve local communities in planning.

Planning minister Nick Boles said: "Built for Life principles show the importance of good design in creating vibrant places and beautiful buildings and the benefits it can bring in making development acceptable to people living next door.

"They are an incredibly useful guide for all involved in development and bring benefits for both builders and buyers."

James Wilson, MD of Davidsons, said: "We are delighted to receive this award. Wherever we build we design our developments to be great places to live – and it's marvellous to have this acknowledged by this award."

This story was first published in the Leicester Mercury, click here for more details

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