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Is a Built for Life House a good investment?

Is a Built for Life House a good investment?

Whether you’re buying a property to live in, or as a buy-to-let investment, it’s only reasonable to hope that over the years you are going to end up with a property which is worth more than you paid for it.  One of the best ways of minimising risk when investing in property is to look for houses which are on a “Built for Life” development.

What is Built for Life?

Built for Life is a government-approved scheme to promote excellence in house building. Built for Life is not just about the houses though, it is about the development as a whole, the way it fits in with the local environment, transport links and its impact on the environment. Built for Life developments contain a variety of different sized properties for people at all stages of life, and the aim is to create a community rather than just build new houses.

Advantages for Home Buyers

There are a huge number of advantages for people who are buying a property on a Built for Life development with the aim of living there themselves. A Built for Life development provides a proper community feel, with housing which is integrated into the surroundings and has good transport links. This sort of development is a more attractive place than a poorly-planned estate on the edge of a town with little in the way of transport links or facilities like schools or shops. People tend to move into the area and stay because they enjoy living there, and this makes the area more desirable for people moving in, which drives up prices.

Advantages for Investors

Property investors tend to be more cautious these days, and investing in bricks and mortar does not always guarantee profit as it did in the past. Built for Life developments are widely considered to be the gold standard in the property market and these developments are hugely attractive to investors who are looking for a property which will be easy to let and which will attract long-term tenants who want to make their home on the development. A property which is easy to let and is in high demand is obviously a better investment than one in a less popular area, and if the landlord is looking to hang on to his property for the long term, there is a good chance that the price will rise. 

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